What was great about this studio, hear from our project champion

James Best, Future Bayswater:

“Future Bayswater Community Group Inc was pleased to partner on the Bayswater Industrial Area project with Curtin University, PlaceAgency and Rockforce Productions given the strategic importance of the area adjacent to the Bayswater Town centre and Station Precinct.


Bringing fresh eyes to the Bayswater Industrial Area has highlighted the opportunity to connect the Bayswater Town Centre, Train Station and Industrial activity together in a way that has not been done before in the District.  The area has been in slow decline for several decades and this project has been a catalyst for bringing key stakeholders together — members of the local community, land and business owners, local planners and experts to create visions about regenerating the Industrial area and reconnecting it to the town centre.


The approach to the ‘Living lab’ quickly provided the students with detailed knowledge and history of the problems ‘on the ground’; hearing the stories of the local property owners and the challenges of doing business in the area; walking the streets to see the challenges and opportunities first hand, and best of all getting to co-design 3D models that brought to life the students experience and creatively display their fresh urban design approaches to regenerating the area and the future Industrial activity potential.


The Posters and Models create a compelling case study into the opportunities for the future, taking into account the current conditions, economic disruptions and provides hope for people who operate a business or own land in the Industrial Area.

Future Bayswater Community Group Inc. proposes to forward the research to the appropriate Decision makers and use the findings to advocate for a fresh approach to the regeneration of the area to create more local jobs and facilitate a general uplift in the economic performance of the District.”

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