bayswater industrial area regeneration

Curtin University - Semester 1 2019.
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Project Description

This project is a partnership between PlaceAgency, Curtin University Future Bayswater and Rockforce Productions. In small groups, students are required to develop place regeneration plans for the Bayswater Industrial Area. Place regeneration plans will encompass a range of interventions designed to regenerate the area in the short, medium and long terms. Students will participate in a series of Living Labs, located at the premises of Rockforce Productions within the Bayswater Industrial Area. The Living Labs will be structured around the students developing knowledge of the context of the area; conducting their own analysis of land uses and streetscapes; and participating in a co-design workshop to explore urban design approaches to regenerating the area. The Living Labs will bring in members of the local community, land and business owners in the area, local planners and experts to help students develop knowledge of the area and an awareness of the issues that will need to address in their regeneration plans. The culmination of the Living Labs will be an exhibition where students will present their plans, and they will be on display for the local community.

Learning Methodology

Students will learn specific knowledge of the Bayswater Industrial Area – it’s history, environmental context, current economic function and current challenges and opportunities.

Students will learn about industrial knowledge in general – the basis for decline in industrial areas due to economic restructuring; the importance of industrial land for innovation of new industries; the challenges of creating great industrial places in urban contexts; and the potential strategies and tactics available to planners, urban designers, place makers and community activists interested in preserving and regenerating these important employment and productive areas.

Students will learn generic knowledge of urban regeneration including the difference between industrial regeneration and regeneration in other urban contexts; the importance of property rights and governance in urban regeneration schemes; and the broader economic and social processes faced by urban regeneration schemes, including gentrification and land speculation.

How does this studio match PlaceAgency Objectives?

Regenerating industrial areas is particularly challenging in the context of deindustrialisation and state and local government fiscal restraint. This project provides an opportunity for students to engage in planning for the regeneration of industrial areas through tactical urbanism, placemaking, urban design and land use planning interventions. It draws upon the network and resources of an existing community group in the area. In doing so, the project outcomes will inform our knowledge of how to enhance collective capacity to create successful and authentic industrial spaces, that are resilient resources for communities.

Activities – Studio Outline

ActivityDescriptionKey dates for activitiesKey learning objectives
Week 1General background on urban regenerationLecture and studio-
Week 2Urban regeneration issuesLecture and studio-
Week 3Urban regeneration – case studies (guest lectures)Lecture and studio-
Week 4Industrial regenerationLecture and studio-
Week 5Understand the site and context – guest speakersLiving Lab-
Week 6Auditing the site – streetscape and land usesLiving Lab-
Week 7Co-design workshopLiving Lab-
Week 8Urban design approaches studio workshopDesign Studio-
Week 9Tools for urban regeneration ILecture and studio-
Week 10Showcase of student work to invited guestsExhibition-
Week 11Tools for urban regeneration IILecture and studio-
Week 12Individual consultations on final assessmentConsultations-

Location Description

Bayswater, Perth



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