Design Challenge and Detailed Place Process

The planning students were tasked with delivering an analysis and master plan for the redevelopment of the Bayswater Industrial Area (BIA) to be presented to the community and stakeholders.

In line with Future Bayswater’s initiative to inform council in the redevelopment process of the industrial area, students engaged local and expert stakeholders to inform their design ideas. Rather than taking a traditional expert approach to understanding site and community dynamics, the students’ adopted a place-based process to generate data directly from local and expert stakeholders. Students wished to better understand the community and expert opinions of the area and their future desires for a more thriving community. For instance, they had the support of Collaborative Place Design who not only increased the students’ learning process but also shared their community engagement methodology in the form of an interactive model to reimagine the place. For more information about the interactive engagement session, head over to The BIA Living Lab.


Co-Design & Models by Dr Anthony Duckworth | Collaborative Place Design


Students worked at the BIA Living Lab during the period of the 4th to the 11th of April where they were presented a series of workshops involving local and expert stakeholders. This provided crucial place knowledge for students to understand and then attach to the area through a guided walk of the area.

Specifically, the engagement event aimed to understand:

  • the concerns of local business owners
  • the issues and opportunities of urban regeneration from expert stakeholders
  • wider challenges and opportunities of urban redevelopment from experts
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