Detailed Learning Methodology

This studio is Curtin University’s first placemaking studio as part of the Place Agency Consortium developed for tertiary built environment students. This studio worked in partnership with Future Bayswater aimed at informing and supporting the community group in enriching understanding and conversation around redevelopment of the area. To support that aim, this studio was focused integrated planning for the future of Bayswater, with a strong focus on placemaking’s role in community engagement.

Learning was further supported by partnership with placemaking and planning practitioners who regularly joined the students during class time to talk through industry examples and provide feedback to students on their progress in the course.

Student’s hands-on learning experiences provided a fun and engaging space for community members to reflect on the current and future values of Bayswater. The subject follows a general outline of

  • Learning about Future Bayswater, their activities and aims.
  • Learning about Bayswater through site analysis and community engagement.
  • Synthesising this information to develop an integrated plan for Bayswater.
  • Reflecting on the role of placemaking and community engagement in integrated planning practice.

By the end of the subject, the students presented their initiatives back to the Future Bayswater committee and a community audience opening up an opportunity for long-term impact of this exercise.


Activity Description Key dates for activities Key learning objectives
Week 1 Introduction to Future Bayswater 2 August Contextual Understanding 
Week 2 Place-based planning 9 August Critical Thinking
Week 3 Industry Mentors 16 August Team work & collaboration 
Week 4 Small intervention prototyping 23 August Creative Thinking
Week 5 Data collection 30 August Spatial context understanding
Week 6 Built implementation 6 September Community Engagement 
Week 7 Community Engagement (gathering information process) 13 September Community Engagement 
Week 8 Site Analysis 20 September Spatial context understanding
Week 9 Design 27 September Creative Thinking
Week 10 Community Engagement (presenting students’ design to the community) 1 November Verbal Communication 
Week 11 Celebration of Place 8 November Humility 
Week 12 Reflection 15 November Reflective skills and self awareness
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